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Following the consultation involving citizens and representatives from Quorum Real Estate Development, here’s some news about the rue Bourdon project, an initiative that was carefully conceived together!

It is with great pride that Quorum Real Estate Development and I confirm that the Bourdon project presented this summer on the website and during our meetings with citizens is proceeding toward its final stage of presentation, which will take place in December during an official consultation organized by the City.

We are of the opinion that no one knows a neighbourhood better than its residents, and these meetings with you have allowed us to exchange and collect a large number of comments and proposals and even to solve certain issues together.

During these meetings, many people highlighted the positive elements of the project:

  • Reasonable and cleverly conceived project (density)
  • Mix of condos and houses
  • Well-planned location of houses on the street front and condos in the back lot
  • 50% green space
  • Near minimum density and occupancy rate
  • Open and airy spaces
  • Connecting and safe bike path
  • Fall project for parking and direct access on Bourdon and Saint-Aubin streets to reduce the impact of traffic and avoid on-street parking
  • Last but not least, the promoter’s consultation approach!

It was also a wonderful opportunity to present our company and our approach and to share our great pride in transforming a current industrial site into a future residential location.

Finally, we were able to discuss the next steps with you, as well as our construction techniques that aim to reduce noise impact during demolition and mass excavation. We are now ready for the Specific Construction, Alteration or Occupancy Proposal for an Immovable (SCAOPI) phase and the permit application stage. Over the next few days, the borough of Saint-Laurent will undertake the subsequent phases of the project’s implementation. We will be on hand and available to answer your questions every step of the way.

If the steps go as planned, we will be able to begin the demolition of the industrial building in March 2021 as well as the management of contaminants and rehabilitation for residential use. Carrying out this work in the spring will allow us to reduce disturbances due to noise and dust, compared to the summer when these elements are more difficult to minimize.

To follow up on your many comments and in collaboration with the borough, here are some of the points that have been improved with respect to the version of the project presented in June. A complete and detailed presentation of the project will be provided by the urban planning department, but in the meantime, here are a few key elements:

  • For townhouses, use materials similar to existing houses in the neighbourhood.
  • Apply setbacks to townhouse terraces on rue Bourdon to reduce perceived height.
  • Apply setbacks and sets of materials for the multi-unit building to reduce the effect of linear mass versus negligible backyard height.
  • So as to avoid an increase in the number of vehicles parked on rue Bourdon, it was strongly suggested to increase the number of on-site parking lots in order to be autonomous in terms of parking spaces. We therefore immediately increased the number of indoor spaces for residents to allow everyone to have a parking space and we also increased the number of parking spaces for visitors in the centre of the project to deter them from parking on the street.
  • Promote the environmental and sustainable development aspects of this new project in the neighbourhood, both in its construction method and long-term operations. LEED construction principles, recharging station, solar panel, urban garden on the roof of the multi-unit housing, use of local materials, increase in natural green spaces, and much more.
  • Establish a plan to reduce site disturbances during construction.
  • Secure access to the bicycle path.

We look forward to telling you more about the project!

You will find the complete plans on our website within a few weeks. To the neighbourhood residents who have approached us in large numbers regarding living in our new project, or who have referred their children, family, or friends to us, we thank you very much for your interest. A VIP section will be created shortly for residents of the sector who wish to participate in the internal launch of the project. We will be more than delighted to count among our first project residents, local people who are already well established in the community.

A project designed and improved with your collaboration lies ahead.

We thank you for your interest in our project so early in the pre-development process.

Please note that the project has not yet been approved by the borough; we are still at a preliminary stage of the project described.

Many thanks and we’ll see you soon.

Maxime Laporte


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